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Herbal PCD Company – Dexon Biotech is one of the leading and renowned pharmaceutical and herbal franchise companies in India. We endeavor to deliver quality Ayurvedic products and formulations. With the ever-growing sphere of health diseases, there is a drastic demand for effective medical formulations. At Dexon Biotech, we bring innovative pharma products and herbal healthcare solutions to patients, clients and healthcare institutions. Clients can get in touch with us at +917015957123 to enjoy professional PCD franchise services for herbal products.

We at Dexon Biotech deal in a stringent range of medicines such as tablets, powder, capsules and ointments and many other formulations. The organization has been facilitating customers and patients with quality-centric Ayurvedic healthcare products. Being an ISO-certified agency, we offer a multitude of pharma developments authorized and acknowledged by DCGI and FSSAI. All products undergo strict quality parameters to ensure you gain the best quality and effectiveness.

Why invest in Herbal Products?

The market trends for herbal products have seen impactful and upward slots during the recent era. With the rapid spread of health consciousness amongst communities, people tend to buy Ayurvedic products to cure various types of health problems. Ultimately, the demand graph for these herbal formulations continues to rise in India. As per some trustworthy market survey reports, the market for herbal & Ayurvedic products is going to witness a boom in India in the near future. This is why it has become the top priority of investors to create a business and earn handsome revenues.

The following are some critical pointers to encourage investments in the herbal products industry:

  • The herbal product market in India is getting magnified due to the harsh side effects of chemical formulations.
  • Herbal products are beneficial supplements over artificial developments.
  • With the increasing popularity of plant-based ingredients, the demand for such establishments is soaring impeccably.
  • Statistically, the Indian market for herbal products is supposed to grow at a CAGR of 18% during 2019-2024.
  • Further, the Indian Ayurvedic market was calculated at INR 300 bn in 2018 and is anticipated to cross INR 710 bn by 2024.

All these attributions are likely to stimulate investors and startups to make ventures into the Indian Ayurvedic segment. It is supposed to bring unmatched success and auspicious career opportunities for enthusiasts.

Welcome to Dexon Biotech! A Renowned Herbal PCD Franchise Company in India

Dexon Biotech furnishes a visionary approach in the Indian healthcare domain to create revolutionary milestones and recognition. It endeavors to implement realistic strategies for the encompassing growth of clients, patients and organizations. Currently, we are being recognized and awarded in the medical industry for delivering matchless services through quality pharma formulations across several assortments.

With the ambition of curing health issues, Dexon Biotech has been transforming the lives of people with DCGI-approved formulations. We impart not only effective products, but also provide Herbal medicine franchise business opportunities in India. This platform has become quite a famous market strategy in India and the globe to enhance sales and profitability. It allows professionals and enthusiasts to start their own businesses with the least investments. They can earn handsome profits and prestige by covering many locations in India. Also, our herbal products franchise in India supports clients to generate significant profits by promoting the products.

Various Products under the Herbal Range

At Dexon Biotech, we host a good range of herbal products and Ayurvedic formulations. It includes the following inventions:

  • DEXALIV [SYRUP] (A complete Liver Tonic WITH ENZYME)
  • DICODEX OIL (Herbal Oil for Pain)

Other Pharma Products We Maintain for PCD Franchise Solutions

Apart from herbal inventions, we also combine several other pharmaceuticals to facilitate clients with PCD pharma franchise solutions. The product foil includes the following:

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Injectables
  • Syrups
  • Dry Syrups
  • Protein Powder
  • Soft Gel Capsule
  • Eye & Nasal Drop
  • Ointment

What Does Make Dexon Biotech the Top Herbal PCD Franchise Company in India?

  • We are an experienced pharmaceutical corporation with excellence, professionalism and leadership in place.
  • At Dexon Biotech, we manufacture, supply, distribute, and market all types of pharma products across several therapeutic areas.
  • Further, there is a squad of qualified personnel and pharma specialists we deploy throughout diverse procedures.
  • Significantly, business associates will capture exclusive monopoly rights to be the leading supplier of products in the given area.
  • Also, quality is the main consideration to take care of at Dexon Biotech.
  • We achieve 100% customer satisfaction every time.

Contact Details:

Address: Ground floor 101/2 – Rani Bagh, Ambala Cantt, 133001, Haryana

Phone: +917015957123, +917015957123

Mail: dexonbiotech@gmail.com

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