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PCD Pharma Franchise Company - The pharmaceutical business in India makes a significant contribution to the global healthcare sector. While we talk about high quality and inexpensive cost of medicine then not just in India but also worldwide are in high demand. India accounts for over 40% of generic medication revenues, and 25% of all pharmaceuticals are supplied to the United Kingdom. The industry has grown at a rate of 6-7 percent each year over the previous five years. Many chances are provided for pharma experts to emerge stronger and transform the landscape, one of which is the Pharma Franchise Company.

Dexon Biotech, India's one of the top PCD Pharma Franchise companies, offers PCD pharma franchise distributorship with monopoly rights and excise-free zone benefits for our high-quality pharmaceutical goods. We share collaboration and some biotic connections with our selected business partners (distributors, sub-distributors, stockists, and sub-stockists) as an integrated PCD pharma franchise firm, all of whom embody our business principles, trust, transparency, and quality standards.

We are appealing to pharma professionals from throughout India to invest in this extremely profitable business. You may reach us at +91 7015957123 or +91 7015957123, or you can email us at dexonbiotech@gmail.com to have a shot at this business.

Working with a PCD Franchise Company in India Has Its Benefits

If you put your trust in us, we will never let you down, and we make it possible with our unrivaled understanding of cutting-edge technology that greatly lowers the cost of manufacturing medical products. Our experience drives our skills and high-level competence, allowing us to stay ahead of the competitors in this field. It not only supports the delivery of cost-effective solutions to society, but it also increases demand for our product, resulting in increased revenue for your company.

To assure not only the international quality but also the most effective composition that why we use only high-grade chemicals, vitamins, proteins, and other substances while manufacturing our products. Dexon Biotech has a quality assurance team that monitors product quality throughout the production process.

How Do You Make Money in the Pharma Franchise Business?

Many factors influence the performance of any firm, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector. It's a good idea to establish a pharmaceutical franchise business. A business is a business, and if you're considering starting your own pharmaceutical company, you can't afford to make mistakes when choosing a pharmaceutical company. The choice of a competent business corporation is critical to the success of your organization. Dexon Biotech will share its knowledge on how to select the finest pharmaceutical business for a Pharma Franchise in India.

The Indian pharmaceutical business is predicted to contribute 5% of the country's GDP shortly, thanks to its rapid growth. If a corporation decides to take advantage of the GST Act's benefits, it can be considered to gain significantly. Choosing Dexon Biotech for one's future business chances is the finest option. A solid organization has demonstrated its mettle in difficult situations and can be counted on to produce positive outcomes for its Pharma franchise partners.

Dexon Biotech - Become Our PCD Franchise Business Partner

With our Pharma Franchise activities, we've established a name for ourselves across the country. As a corporation that has been accredited by organizations like the ISO and the WHO, as well as approvals from quality control departments like the GMP and the GLP. We have a strong track record of delivering on our promises of high quality. As a result, we work diligently to develop a wide range of pharmaceuticals that will benefit the general public. We've had a lot of success in the pharmaceutical franchise business because we have a mission to safeguard quality while growing in volume.

We intend to create an influence on India's pharmaceutical business with over 500 flowering goods on the market. This is why our team of over 100 employees is dead set on creating a medication line for the benefit of our customers. We provide a diverse choice of products for a franchise in India. For instance, we excel at creating:

  • Tablet
  • Capsule
  • Soft Gel Capsule
  • Injectable
  • Dry Syrups
  • Syrups
  • Protein Powder
  • Herbal
  • Ear Eye And Nasal Drop
  • Ointment
  • Soap
  • Lotion

We provide not just a business opportunity, but also growth, profit margins, long-term business alliances, a varied range of pharmaceutical items, and other important benefits. You may operate independently as a PCD or Franchise associate in our unoccupied sites around the country if you join our PCD Pharma Franchise partner program. We find it simple to conduct business with PAN India because of our extensive distribution network and well-managed supply chain. This is the finest time in your career to be your boss. Dexon Biotech provides one-of-a-kind exclusivity and distribution rights to boost sales by lowering competition.

Qualifications Required to Own a PCD Franchise

To start a business, you must first meet certain requirements. As a result, if you want to start a Pharma Franchise Business, there are specific conditions that must be met. The procedures below can assist you in becoming a potential franchise in India.

  • You must have finished or be a graduate of the 12th grade.
  • You must also have at least three years of experience in the pharmaceutical business.
  • A drug license is also required.
  • A TIN and a GST number are required.
  • You'll also need a working bank account.
  • You should set aside a specific amount of money for this enterprise as an investment.
  • A canceled check is also required.

Best Locations in India to Launch a PCD Pharma Franchise

India is a nation of opportunities, and fortunately for Pharma experts, it is also a land where medications are in great demand. This is why the PCD Franchise business model works so effectively in this area. However, certain Indian states have a more developed pharmaceutical industry than others. As an example,

  • Karnataka
  • Orissa
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Meghalaya
  • Rajasthan
  • Assam
  • Mizoram
  • Assam
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Jammu and Kashmir
  • West Bengal
  • Delhi
  • Uttarakhand
  • Goa
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Gujarat
  • Delhi
  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Kerala
  • Chandigarh
  • Haryana
  • Jharkhand
  • Chandigarh
  • Punjab
  • Chhattisgarh

Our pharmaceutical franchise firm prioritizes quality

The quality control test is a basic regular check performed at the end of the production process. These tests are carried out before the end of the production process to ensure that the established product quality matches before it is permitted for marketing and consumption. The quality control technique is monitored by specialists to ensure that the things fulfill their requirements. Machine and environmental control may also be included. Tests are often carried out in a controlled setting rather than at a manufacturing site. Furthermore, we have a vast warehouse where our products are maintained safe and hygienic. Below are a few more quality markers to consider:

  • At every level of the final pharmaceutical product production process, we continually monitor, improve, and regulate the whole applicable operations.
  • The company buys high-quality active ingredients and a lot of resources from reliable suppliers.
  • Every week, the company's skilled staff inspects the equipment, environment, testing, process, packing, and other items.
  • All of Dexon Biotech's products are manufactured in GMP and WHO-approved facilities, ensuring quality.

What Makes Dexon Biotech the Best Pharma Franchise Company in India?

Dexon Biotech welcomes all those looking for a PCD Pharma Company in India. Our company deals with a variety of specializations in the PCD franchise sector. You can contact us right now if you want to be your boss in India. You will gain Pharma monopoly rights with Dexon Biotech, which will assist you to remain strong in the Pharma sector and make larger profits.

  • We work with our franchise partners to bring crucial new medicines to market and distribute them throughout India.
  • Also, we collaborate with our franchise partners to provide every Indian community with inexpensive and high-quality pharmaceuticals.
  • By introducing technology into the creation of our goods, we seek to improve the quality of life for our patients.
  • We're ISO certified and have a proven track record in this field.

Our quality policies ensure that each product is of the highest possible quality. We are transforming the firm as a result of new technology and practices. All of the products are created in a state-of-the-art facility that is WHO and GMP certified. We strive to introduce a diverse selection of formulations that fulfill the highest quality requirements at Dexon Biotech of Companies. Also, we are dedicated to forming long-term relationships with our franchise partners. We currently provide a comprehensive range of herbal products to them all.

Contact Details - 

 Address – Ground floor 101/2 – Rani bagh, Ambala Cantt, 133001, Haryana

Mobile No. – +91 7015957123 / +91 7015957123

G-mail – dexonbiotech@gmail.com

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