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Softgel Capsules PCD Company – Dexon Biotech is an ISO-certified firm that develops a wide range of pharmaceutical products while adhering to all WHO and GMP criteria. Multivitamins, multimineral, diabetes, heart care, derma care, and many more pharmaceutical areas are covered. Because of the high demand for these capsules, we provide such a large selection. We’ve been in this business for a long time, and our partners’ trust and high-quality products have made us the Best Softgel Capsules PCD Company in India. We’ve been manufacturing and marketing pharma products for a long time.

Softgel capsules, together with tablets, are one of the most extensively used types of medication on a global scale. Soft gelatin capsules, fish oil soft gel capsules, acidity capsules, and other quality capsule formulations are available in a vast array of exceptional quality. Every recipe has been created using high-quality components and medications obtained from reputable suppliers in this culture. If you’re looking for the greatest soft gel capsule franchise, go no farther than Dexon Biotech. For further information, call +91 7015957123 or email

Demand for Soft Gel PCD Franchise in India –

A soft gel capsule is a type of oral dose drug that is either soft or firm and is bound in a shell shape. Furthermore, we bind the drugs using the Encapsulation process. This dosage type is quite popular among the general public, which explains why the demand for this drug is so high. Here are some further details about them:

  • Vegetarian soft gel capsules have a local market of over UD$ 1.2 billion.
  • By FY 2025, demand may have increased by 4.2 percent, amounting to Rs. 2,589 crore.
  • Dexon Biotech also provides a wide range of soft gel capsules to the PCD Pharma Franchise.
  • At Dexon Biotech, quality is not an option; it is our top focus!
  • Furthermore, we treat each of our formulas with great care to ensure maximum durability, efficacy, and minimal adverse effects.

Top Soft Gelatin Capsules Manufacturer in India – Dexon Biotech

Dexon Biotech is well-known for providing high-quality drugs in a variety of product kinds, including Soft Gelatin Capsules. During our time as the top Soft Gelatin Capsules PCD Pharma Franchise Company, we have earned the respect of many Pharma experts and healthcare professionals. The reason for this is the wide selection of pharmaceutical products we produce, as well as their high quality.

We ensure that all of our client’s needs are met in terms of both quality and quantity. This habit has helped us establish ourselves in the pharmaceutical sector. Furthermore, we create product lines that are in great demand in the market so that our colleagues may make a good living. Here’s a quick rundown of who we are:

  • Before they are sent out for final delivery, the capsules we make go through a series of testing.
  • Our Soft Gelatin capsules are packaged in A-grade packaging to ensure maximum efficacy throughout their lifespan.
  • Using the finest techniques, our company’s R&D team can produce high-quality goods.
  • The Soft Gelatin Capsules that we make are made with a variety of the most up-to-date and advanced machines.

Quality Soft Gel Manufacturing in India

Dexon Biotech places a premium on quality. We have a separate production facility where we formulate high-quality soft gel capsules. Dexon Biotech has also established particular quality standards to ensure that the production standard is maintained. Our company’s experienced staff thoroughly checks all procedures before beginning to distribute them across the market. Our production facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology, machinery, and equipment to develop items in the shortest period feasible. Furthermore, at Dexon Biotech, we operate in a positive atmosphere with a high level of commitment and honesty. We also make the soft-gel capsules in a DCGI-approved facility.

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