Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Dexon Biotech Inc. (“Dexon Biotech”) duly acknowledges the importance of protecting personal information. Accordingly, Dexon Biotech complies with the laws, regulations, and rules concerning personal information, and it endeavors to handle and manage personal information both properly and safely.

Dexon Biotech acts in accordance with the following provisions concerning the handling of personal information.

1.Acquisition of Personal Information

Dexon Biotech will acquire the personal information by lawful and fair means.

2. Use of Personal Information

Dexon Biotech will use the personal information only for the purposes of use which Dexon Biotech has already notified or publicly announced on this website. Dexon Biotech will not use the personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve these purposes of use, without the concerned person’s consent.

In case that Dexon Biotech shares the personal information with its overseas subsidiary companies, it will use the personal information in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

In case that Dexon Biotech entrusts a third party contractor with the business of handling the personal information in whole or in part, it will check and select a contractor capable of properly managing the personal information as its contractor. Dexon Biotech will agree with the contractor the matters necessary to protect the entrusted personal information, and will exercise necessary and appropriate supervision over the contractor to ensure the security control of the entrusted personal information.

In case that Dexon Biotech jointly uses the personal information with a third party, it will notify the concerned person about the matters prescribed in laws and regulations, including the scope of use by the person jointly using the personal information, or will publicly announce these matters on this website, prior to jointly sharing the personal information with the third party.

3.Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

(1)Dexon Biotech will not provide the personal information to any third party, except in any of the following cases.
1. Cases in which the concerned person’s prior consent is obtained;
2. Cases in which the personal information is disclosed in a manner that cannot identify the concerned person;
3. Cases in which disclosure of the personal information is required by laws and regulations or by a public entity, such as a court or the police; or

4. Cases in which disclosure of the personal information is otherwise acceptable under laws and regulations.

(2) Notwithstanding the foregoing, Dexon Biotech will provide the following personal information of the Healthcare Professionals (“HCPs”) to HCPs, its subsidiary companies and organizations, wholesalers and pharmaceutical companies, when it has business reasons to do so. In case that Dexon Biotech receives a request from the concerned person, it will take reasonable action after confirmation of identity.
1. items to provide
name, email address, business office, business address, business telephone, specialty, title, graduation year, graduation college, year of practice, membership of academic society and/or medical society, sales result, etc.
2. way of provision
verbal, writing, electronic way, etc.
4.Control of Personal Information

Dexon Biotech will maintain the personal data accurate and conduct security control of such personal data. Moreover, Dexon Biotech will prevent loss, damage, falsification, leaks to outside the company, and unauthorized external access; as well, it will undertake strict security measures to manage the personal data safely. Dexon Biotech will adopt SSL encrypted coding for a certain part of its website content.

5.Disclosure of Retained Personal Data, etc.

In case that any person who is subject to Dexon Biotech’s retained personal data requests to disclose, correct, discontinue the utilization of, or erase the retained personal data, Dexon Biotech will appropriately respond to such request within the reasonable scope.

6.Internal Organization and Structure

Dexon Biotech will appoint company-wide personal information managers. Moreover, Dexon Biotech will supervise its employees handling the personal information and implement necessary and appropriate education and training for such employees to ensure the protection of the personal information.